Member and Chairman

Jeff Bowers is a Principal of Providio and its current Executive Officer QSF Administration. He works closely with the company’s management in all aspects of the company’s development, and works closely overseeing its QSF administration operations. Jeff is also the Chairman and CEO of EPS Settlements Group. He has been associated with EPS-and its predecessor company, Kenneth H. Wells and Associates-for over twenty-seven years. He is also a Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Financial Settlements (IFS), the parent company of EPS Settlements Group.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from General Motors Institute in 1975 and his Master of Science degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. Following his post-graduate work, he held several Senior Engineering positions with General Motors and later as Vice President and Controller of a wholesale distribution company.

From 1987 to 1998, he was a Principal of Kenneth H. Wells & Associates prior to the merger of Wells & Associates with TSSC and Benefit Designs to form EPS Settlements Group. In 2001, he successfully led the efforts of former owners of those entities to re-acquire EPS Settlements Group from its holding company. Since that time, he has helped lead the Company through a period of significant growth. Currently, he is very involved in the ongoing development and management of Providio, as it rapidly becomes a leader in lien resolution, QSF administration and MSP compliance.